Benefits of Marble

The usage area of ​​marble is in interior architecture, sculpture, table and coffee tables and various ornaments and bathroom accessories. In today's interior architecture, the use of marble products such as marble bathtubs, sinks and countertops is becoming more common day by day. It is a preferred material thanks to its pleasant appearance and its simplicity and durability in environments where marble is used as stairs and floors. The main reason for being a famous rock in the field of sculpture is the feature of transmitting light. In the open area, the marbles exposed to various weather conditions must be without cracks, otherwise water leaking into the cracks of the marble will cause the color to be discolored and dispersed over time. The remaining pieces from the processing of the marble are used as road, artificial stone and filling material.
Its raw material comes from nature, and the big blocks obtained from the mountains are ready for use after being dimensioned in factories and surface treatment is made upon request. It has been an important part of human history since thousands of years ago. There were traces of marble in the finds in the years before Christ. Marble was frequently used in graves, palaces, castles and walls, open-air theaters, jewelery and ornaments, pyramids, temples and many other ancient places. Continuing its evolution of marble, it has taken its place in today's modern architecture.